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In this article I have written about Top 8 superfoods that you can include in your daily diet and enjoy excellent health.

Superfood- Which food can be termed as a superfood? Let’s see that:

Certain foods are rich in compounds such as antioxidants and fiber or fatty acids. They are considered as beneficial to an individual’s health.

I have done some research on superfoods, listing down the top 8 superfoods in my list before I start giving you more information on them.

  1. Green Leafy Vegetables
  2. Berries
  3. Beans and Lentils
  4. Nuts
  5. Citrus Fruits
  6. Garlic
  7. Whole Grains
  8. Carrots


Types of Leafy Vegetables

I am giving a list of the more popular Indian green leafy vegetables. They are :

Moringa-Drumstick leaves is packed with phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins.  You can use it to cure Malnutrition. Moringa also helps in curing cancer and diabetes.

Arabi-Colocassia leaves are high in Vitamins A and C, Iron, dietary fiber and folic acid.  These leaves can improve eyesight and decrease cholesterol and blood pressure. It helps in weight control and improve the nervous system.

Paalak-Spinach is a rich source of Vitmains K, C and D, dietary fiber, copper, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Eating enough spinach reduces the risk of contracting anaemia, heart disease, bacterial and viral infections.

Sarso-Mustard is a good source of calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese and dietary fiber and are rich in vitamins A, C, E and K. It is very helpful in enhancing digestive health and maintaining cholesterol levels in the downside.

Methi-Fenugreek leaves: A rich source of calcium, dietary fibre, phosphorus, manganese and magnesium. Fenugreek has antioxidant properties. Methi helps in the development of breast milk in new mothers. It increase testosterone levels in men. Methi is used in lowering cholesterol, indigestion and inflammation. Methi reduces blood sugar levels. 

Haldi-Turmeric Leaves are as rich as the roots and tubers in curcumin.  They have tremendous anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-oxidant properties. Turmeric leaves has lots of dietary fiber and minerals.


Berry Family

There are several different types of berries out of that I am listing down 12 most popular Berries that you can try and include in your diet.


Cranberry is high in antioxidants like phenols and anthocyanin.  It is useful in curing Urinary Tract Infection. ICranberry aids in weight-loss and reducing cardiovascular diseases. It has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties helps in brain functioning.


Raspberry is one of the most popular forms of berries which comes in red, golden, black, purple and yellow colours. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants. Raspberry prevents illness helps the body fight against free radicals.  The next important benefit is that it improves the brain function. This is how it protects the neurological system.  Raspberry triggers premature aging process and also aids in digestion.


Blueberries is low in calories and high in nutrition. Blue berries slow down the aging process of the body.  Blueberries are known for slowing down the cancer development by reducing DNA damage.  Other benefits are that it boosts the immune system, lowers the blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart diseases.


Black currants have a high concentration of anthocyanin, antioxidants, polyphenolic substances, vitamin C and gamma-linolenic acid known as GLA.  It can help in the treatment of glaucoma and is very good for eye health.  It protects against oxidative stress and can treat gastrointestinal disorder.  Black currant strengthens our bones and teeth.


Chokeberry second name is Aronia berries are rich in plant oxidants. It can be used as medicine for treating cold. It boosts immunity and reduces inflammation related to diabetes.  Chokeberry reduces the effects of liver damage. It can protect against coronary artery diseases. Chokeberries keeps blood sugar in check.


Strawberry is very popular which is heart-shaped. Strawberries are rich source of vitamin C which is known to ward off cancer.  Strawberry improves skin health by increasing skin elasticity and resilience.  It reduces the inflammation of joints.  It is low in calories, sodium and sugar thereby helps in weight loss.  The fiber content in strawberry is very high. This helps in controlling the blood sugar levels.


Bilberry looks similar to blueberry. Just that Bilberry is softer and darker.  It is highly rich in nutrients and has lot of health benefits.  Bilberry can improve night vision.  It contains anthocyanin which has anti-inflammatory properties.  Biberry can be used in lowering blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes.  It diminishes the risk of heart attack.  Bilberry has antimicrobial properties which helps against harmful bacteria.


Gojiberries  can be called Wolfberries too.  It is a source of Vitamin A, B2, iron, copper, protein and fiber. It helps in reducing aging process, weight loss and controlling blood sugar levels.


Acaiberry is a popular Brazilian fruit having lot of health benefits.  A great fruit for detoxification and contains plant compounds and minerals.  It protects the brain from age related damage.  It contains fats which reduces bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.


Gooseberry is popularly known as Amla in India.  Home-made pickles are made out of Amla and consumed in daily diet.  It has lot of nutritional and health benefits.  Amla is a good source of Vitamin C, B and minerals like calcium, copper, manganese and phosphorus.  It has anti-aging properties .It improves skin tone and reduces acne. It is good for hair health.  Gooseberry is good for weightloss. It has fiber and low calories. Gooseberries are good for regulating blood sugar levels. Amla helps in improving brain health.


Mulberries includes iron, calcium, Vitamin C and K.  It has dietary fiber that improves digestion.  Has lots of Vitamin A which improves vision. Iron content is high in this fruit which can treat Anemia.  This fruit promotes the production of red blood cells and improves blood circulation. Good for skin health and reducing body aging process.


Golden berries are orange in colour. It is used to prevent and treat diabetes.  As it is low in calories, helps in weight loss.   It is useful in treating prostate cancer.  It strengthens bones and reduces anxiety and stress.


Types of Beans

Beans have tremendous health benefits. There is a wide variety of beans.  Beans are very high in nutrition. You can make it a point to include in your daily diet.

  • Benefits of beans are listed below:
  • They are rich in proteins. A half cup serving of beans provides you with 7 grams of proteins. Beans are a good source of dietary fiber. This helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Consumption of beans can make your stomach feel full for a longer time and thereby helps in weight loss.
  • They are high in folate. Folate is a water-soluble B-vitamin that the body needs to produce new red blood cells. Folate assists in the production of DNA and RNA. It reduces fatigue, muscle soreness and oxidative damage.
  • It can improve the gut health.
  • Beans helps in reducing inflammation.

Some most popular beans are Chickpeas, Kidney Beans, Black Beans, Lentils and Peas. These varieties have high quantities of fiber, proteins and folate. They are very effective in regulating post meals blood sugar spikes.


Nut Varieties

Nuts are a good source of Plant protein.  It contains mono-saturated fats which is good for heart health.

  • Almonds is a source of fiber, protein, Vitamin E, Magnesium and Manganese.
  • Pistachios is packed with nutrients. It is low in calories and fats. It provides with protein, fiber, Vitamin B1(thiamine), Vitamin B6 and Phosphorus.
  • Walnuts are an excellent source of copper. Copper is a mineral that our body needs to produce enzymes involved in energy production and neurotransmitter synthesis. Copper helps in immune function and blood vessel development. Walnuts are a good source of manganese and helps in boosting heart and brain health.
  • Cashews are a good source of Vitamin K, Magnesium, and Manganese and is essential to bone health. Cashews can improve blood fat levels and reduce blood pressure.
  • Brazil nuts are a rich source of multiple nutrients. It has very high quantities of the mineral selenium. They provide number of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin E and Magnesium. I want to give a word of caution here. Do not overdo the intake of these nuts. Take only 2 Brazil nuts in a day. It helps in thyroid health.
  • Hazel nuts are highly nutritious packed with healthy fats, proteins and fiber. They are loaded with plant compounds like gallic acid, epicatechin, caffeic acid and quercetin which have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Peanuts are a rich source of plant protein. Peanuts makes you feel full. It is high in folate B Vitamin. Peanuts are good for pregnant woment. Because it plays an important role in the fetal, placental development.


More citrus fruits:

Add citrus food to your daily diet.  Oranges and Lemons have amazing anti diabetic effects. Modern researchers believe that they have bioflavonoid. It is excellent in vitamins and minerals without adding carbohydrate into your food. The Vitamin C inside these fruits helps in controlling the blood sugar levels.


Garlic gives good flavours in a dish. It is known for promoting good health. Recently it has been researched and found that Garlic helps in combating cancer and cardiovascular disease.  It has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties which gives garlic the credentials to a Super Food Status. Garlic has to its credits nearly one hundred nutrients. Sulphur compound alicin is an amino acid. This is very good for health.  A single clove of garlic offers a host of compounds including saponins, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, selenium, polyphenols and arginine. 

Garlic can help in reducing blood pressure, it combats common cold and flu, detoxifies heavy metal in the blood stream, lowers cholesterol levels and can prevent Alzheimer’s.


Types of Whole Grains

Eating whole grains has huge health benefits.  Whole grain has the bran, the germ and the endosperm.  This is ripped off in Refined grains.

Bran is fiber rich and supplies us with B Vitamins, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Anti-oxidants and phytochemicals.  Phytochemicals are natural chemical compounds mainly found in plants which helps in disease prevention.

Now coming to the Germ, it is the core of the core of the seed where growth occurs and which is rich in healthy fats, Vitamin E, B Vitamins, Phytochemicals and antioxidants.

And the Endosperm is the interior layer which has carbohydrates, proteins and small amounts of B Vitamins and Minerals.

Now let us look at the effects of these components on our body:

  • Bran and Fiber slows the breakdown of start into glucose. This maintains a steady sugar level in the body.
  • Fiber helps lower cholesterol and moving waste from the digestive tract.
  • It helps in preventing formation of blood clots that can trigger heart attacks or strokes.
  • Phytochemicals and essential minerals such as magnesium, selenium and copper found in whole grain. It can protect against some cancers.

Some types of whole grains are Brown Rice, Quinoa, Oats and Wild Rice.


  • Carrots are high in fibre, Vitamin K1, Potassium and antioxidants. This humble vegetable has been promoted to the status of Super Food. Carrots provide a host of health benefits.
  • It promotes heart health. It helps in removing excess cholesterol or LDL cholesterol.
  • Carrots being rich in fibre and low in calories helps in weight loss. It keeps you full and satiated for a longer time. It helps in smooth bowel movement and keeps your digestive track clean and promotes metabolism.
  • The Vitamin A in carrots promotes a good immune system.
  • Carrots helps in maintaining a good vision. It can give you good eyesight and prevent night blindness.
  • Carrots are a powerhouse of Potassium and potassium helps to relax blood vessels and arteries. This is in turn enhances the blood flow circulation in your body and thereby brings down the blood pressure.

Today we learnt about the various superfoods that we can add in our daily diet. Each of these superfoods gives us health benefits. The more real and natural foods we eat the more we will enjoy good health and stay away from diseases!

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