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If you are in Mumbai and looking out for guilt-free, cruelty free, Vegan stuff then do not go any further. We at Sai Annapoorna Foods are distributor of Vijay sweets Coimbatore. We offer Vegan Sweets option and also Vegan Savories. Our products are 100% plant based. Ofcourse there are quite a few vegan sweets companies, vegan food companies so what is so special about us? Our speciality is south Indian sweets. We have a fantastic range of south Indian vegan sweets.

Vegan Meaning –

Before we go further, let us understand what Vegan means. A person who does not eat any food derived from animals and who also does not use any products made from any animals can be called a Vegan. Now you may think what do they eat then? Vegans eat various plant foods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and products made from these foods.

Reasons for going Vegan –

Now let us understand why people primarily opt for a vegan diet. Broadly we can classify into 3 categories:

  • Ethical reasons
  • Environmental reasons
  • Health reasons


The ethical reasons are not to cause animals any harm. People do not want to hurt animals or exploit animals for their own motives. They dread the salughtering of animals. Such people are concerned about the pain and suffering of animals. And they simply don’t wish to be a part of it. Hence they go vegan.


Recently lot of studies have been conducted which reveals that going vegan can save the environment thereby save the planet. Research shows that animals tend to use up crops which does not leave much for humans. Growing animals also consumes a lot of water resourses. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to turn to veganism.


A vegan diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes, etc. These are very healthy options as compared to omnivorous diets. There have been lot of cases of disease reversal just by turning to Vegan food habits. Diseases like diabetes, heart problems and cancer have been reversed. Natural foods are rich in anti-oxidants. They do not have any hormones of animals. This helps in normalising cholestrol levels. This also helps in regulating blood sugar. So if your goal is to eat healthy food going vegan can help you. Vegans also have a longer life-span.

About Sai Annapoorna Foods

I started my distribution company Sai Annapoorna Foods in June 2020. I am based out of Mumbai. So people living in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai can reach out to me for their orders. Presently we are offering Vijay Sweets Products. Later on we will be adding more products. In this article I am going to list down the products that we are currently offering.


  • Vegan Mysore Pak – This is a traditional sweet of South India. One can’t imagine this sweet minus the ghee. However Vijay Sweets has done a commendable job of making a vegan recipe that gives the mysore pak the same texture. Our mouth watering Mysore Pak is very famous. We also have various variants of mysore pak like the carrot mysore pak and beetroot mysore pak. It just melts in the mouth.
  • Vegan Kerala Halwa – The red and orange Halwa of Kerala is very famous. In the market you will find ghee in most of the Halwas to keep them soft and gluey. We have managed to create a vegan version of the Halwa with similar consistency using oil.

Refined sugar free

We also have products which is refined sugar free. These sweets are healthier and also very yummy.

  • Kaju Katli – Our Kaju Katli is made with Jaggery. Jaggery is more whole-some. We also do not use silver foils. All in all this becomes a very healthy variant of Kaju Katli.
  • Karupatti Mysore Pak – Karupatti is the black jaggery which you find in southern side of India. It is the most healthy version of jaggery. Karupatti is a magical sweetener made with cane sugar and date palm. Mysore Pak made with Karupatti gives it a very rich flavour and also a goey chocolate color. This is totally gluten free.
  • Iron-Man Laddoo – Next comes on our list Iron Man laddoo. This name is given because it is packed with iron. A whole-some product. This laddoo is made with dates and nuts and seeds.

The other products we do are Elaneer Mysore Pak, Raj gira laddoo and Gulab Jamun pre-mix.


The namkeens section include

  • Cashew Mixture
  • Garlic Mixture
  • Raagi Chips
  • Banana Chips
  • Ellu Murukku
  • Rice Murukku

I also want to highlight one very important aspect here. As per my research the oil used for preparing namkeens is Palm Oil. The products of Vijay Sweets are made using Sunflower Oil. Quality of products is excellent.

Even if you are a non-vegan you can check out our products. I am sure you will love them. The head office of our vegan distribution company is in Mulund West. We are in the process of tie up with retail stores across the city. If you are running a retail store and you want to stock our products in your store you can contact us. The process of selecting a store for retailing is fairly simple. One of us will get in touch with you. We will visit your location and then take it forward from there. Rest assured all are our products are lab tested. Once your store is authorised for selling our products we will be updating on our website. People in that area can directly come to your store and make purchases.

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